Common Rail Matching Set


CRI330 matching set produced according to diesel injection technology and therefore rapid development of test and control techniques.

* Installation set  which facilitates disassembling and assembling of all kinds of injector.

* Calibration set to read the injector size values and adjust them.

* Electronic unit to trigger the injector coil.

* Shim set  to be used for injector adjustment.

* Digital microscopes to observe damages of injector parts clearly.

* Torquemeter to tighten injectors in accuracy value.

*   CRI330 Software that contains spare part and setting values.

*   CRI330 user manual

The convenience of    CRI330 matching set that it provides to its users;

* Opportunity to change all components including injector body.

* Opportunity to make Fixtures stroke measurements (0,001 mm.)

* Seamlessly repair and adjustment opportunity in minimum duration* Precise adjustment guarantee with high quality shim set.

* Opportunity to reach part numbers and setting measurements with  CRI 330 software.

In conclusion, increasing customer satisfaction with correct adjusting processes, high performance in engines and fuel economy, reducing emission values and saving of time.

CRI 330 matching set had been introduced with acknowledge and experience of scientific methods and it is a set which can make the most economical and accurate measurements with respect to equivalents.

family is open to innovations and accepted to produce the needed products as a duty for itself.

-Calibration Set
-Montage Set
-Electronic Unit
-Shim Set
-Microscope  & TTEX Software

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