Failure to clean or replace blocked exhaust filters can result in poor engine performance, increased fuel consumption and finally engage engine management warnings – leading to expensive repair bills.

Our DPF cleaning service in Shrewsbury uses state of the art technology to provide a fast and cost e effective solution. Our regeneration process achieves 98% of the original new condition with certified results.

As well as generating significant savings for you, it removes the need to undertake costly on-going repair bills or having to buy expensive new filters.


Our technology is different from any other on the market because it allows us to clean all kinds of Particulate Filters and Selective Catalytic Reduction units (SCR) used in cars (Euro 6 included), buses, trucks, plant and agricultural equipment.

We don’t cut the filter, bake and weld it. We don’t dip it into a ultrasonic cleaning tank and then oven bake it to dry. United Diesel employs the Flash Cleaning Machine with its Organic Absorbent Emulsifier, flushing the filter both ways and then air drying it.


We are able to monitor back-pressure (mbar) and air ow (m3/h) before, during and after the cleaning process. A printed report then shows a comparison of the initial and final parameters in order to verify the quality of the cleaning.

Cleaning Process

The DPF filter will be submerged in a chemical bath for at least 12 hours, this allows the chemical to breakdown the carbon deposits. Once drained of chemicals the DPF will under go high pressure water flushing at 80 degrees c, once complete high pressure air will then be blasted through the filter forcing more carbon to be removed, this flushing process will be repeated several times until carbon ceases exit the DPF. Finally the dpf will undergo drying which can reach tempretures upto 600 degrees c

Our success rate using this process is around 98% successful

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