Flashlube Catch Can Pro is a premium oil fume filter that protects the engine by filtering out damaging oil mist and condensation from the air entering the inlet passage. This oil mist and condensation often causes carbon build up resulting in loss of power, fuel economy and can consequently lead to expensive engine damage.

Flashlube Diesel Filter  is a modular diesel fuel filter/water separator system. It features a complete range of modules and components to meet any diesel filtration need.

Valve Saver Fluid is a concentrated Lead Replacement Additive formulated to minimise Valve Seat Recession (VSR) in LPG & CNG Fuelled Vehicles.

Winter Fuel Formula is the latest Bio Diesel based additive that prevents fuel gelling and waxing in diesel fuels.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner uses the very latest research & development technology available in producing the highest quality Diesel fuel additive on the market today, delivering maximum performance for all diesel-powered engines.

Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser is s a high performance, anti-wear oil additive,developed to meet the ever-increasing demands of todays engine.

Injector Cleaner is the very latest in Sulphur free synthetic fuel additive technology, designed to clean the fuel system, protect with superior lubrication qualities, and keep your car running at peak performance & efficiency.

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